European Studies (ES)

European Studies (ES) is a two-year Master of Arts Program organized in the cooperation with the University of Bologna, London School Economics and Political Science and Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo. It focuses on several research areas related to the European integration process throughout the analysis of the political, social, legal and economic structures in the countries of the European Union. ES brings together more then fifty world renowned scholar and experts in the fields of law, political sciences, economy, philosophy, and sociology, and utilizes the BiH academic and expert base to its fullest.

Goals of the Program

The strategic objective of Bosnia and Herzegovina is to enter the European Union. There are numerous obstacles along the way, generated as a consequence of historical events in this part of Europe, the previous socio-economic system and the recent war. One of the ways to accelerate the process of fulfilling conditions for accession into the European Union is education of all the individuals who can use their knowledge and skills to mobilize others and initiate activities that will lead us in that direction. The main goal of the postgraduate program in European studies is to provide excellent education to the young, who will then be able to share their newly acquired knowledge in their respective fields, and will thus help others integrate more smoothly into this powerful, sophisticated and auspicious community. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the subject matter the students are to master if they are to acquire expertise in European integrations in general, this program will be organized at the level of the University of Sarajevo. This will assure a better understanding of different aspects of European history, politics, culture, economy, law, etc. In order to reach the main goals of this postgraduate program, during its course it will be necessary to find a balance between two complementary objectives. The first objective is to introduce the European Union as an already defined integration of all the highly developed countries of this continent. The second is a detailed analysis of the current possibilities and perspectives of Bosnia and Herzegovina from the point of view of its transition into a state that fulfills conditions for accession to the EU.

Who Is This Program For?

The program is designed for all graduate students who have a need and a desire to contribute to the process of transition of Bosnia and Herzegovina towards the European Union, as well as to its successful positioning once it enters the integration process. The reason for such a loosely defined target group is the clearly emphasized interdisciplinary nature of the program. The program invites participation of individuals not only from all fields of science, but also from different institutions, such as all types and levels of state administration, businesses, non-governmental organizations, education, media, etc. As for state institutions, this program is particularly attractive for current and future diplomats, officials and experts from all levels of government, from different ministries, the judiciary, etc. Current and future business managers may benefit greatly from this program, since there are great interest in international business collaboration with EU. In addition to state and business, non-governmental organizations are becoming the third important factor in the development of any society. Their role in the European Union will be very interesting, thus making adequate knowledge of such organizations absolutely necessary. It is also important for educational and scientific institutions, media, etc. to employ personnel with expertise in European matters, in order to disseminate such knowledge among the general public. It is therefore clear that the postgraduate program in European studies should indeed be intended for a wide circle of individuals from different walks of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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